Dynamics NAV confirmed as the largest piece of the Dynamics cake


Since the integration of Microsoft’s ERP products (AX, CRM, GP, NAV and SL) into the Microsoft Dynamics suite each product has continued to compete against one another internally in the Microsoft community. This product range was brought together to target varying company types and countries, and limited to organisation’s with under 7,500 employees.

With competition still high the facts show that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is still the chosen business software product for a majority of businesses and represents 45% of the total installed license base globally counting 94,000 companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There are 5 times more Dynamics NAV than AX installations and twice as many GP installations on a much smaller geographical market. There is no doubt that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offer a fantastic offering to companies with the right fit, and with investment in the product continuing the recently launched Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 release is the best yet.

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