Microsoft Lapsed Customer Reenrollment Promotion


From now until the 21st June 2013 Microsoft have launched an offer to win back lapsed customers with a rare offer to help get them back on plan and save on Lapsed fees.

For a Limited time, re-enrollment fees can be waived when you pay 15 months’ on lapsed BREP + 1 year of go-forward applicable service plan. That means existing customers will save money when re-enrolling in their service plan and they will be able to get  the critical product updates that they have been missing. In addition, when re-enrolling in a service plan you’ll regain access to CustomerSource, with its valuable support, training, updates, hotfixes, new version releases, and more.  

This offer is only available to existing customers for all product lines and who have lapsed on their service plan prior to 1-Oct-2011 (customers who have lapsed for greater than 18 months) and are renewing a BREP, BRAP, or BRAP Plus service plan.

Offer Details
Offer is available world-wide.
For customers who lapsed before 10/1/11 (Customers who have lapsed for > 18 months).
Available for all customer product lines.
Available for the following plans: BREP, BRAP, or BRAP Plus.
Customers will pay 15 months on lapsed BREP + 1 year of go-forward applicable service plan.
No lapsed penalties (i.e. waiving the 3% re-enrollment fee).
Re-enrollment price will be based on the higher of Current List Price vs. Protected List Price (i.e. we will not restore PLP, consistent with our current policy).