Economic growth predictions of up to 2.7%(CBI) does your business have the right software to grow?

With economic growth predictions of up to 2.7% (CBI) does your business have the right software systems to support your growing business?

Poor cash flow management is one of the primary reasons for a business to fail and a major issue for SMB’s is getting invoices paid on time by their customers. By implementing an Accounting Software system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can keep greater control of the cash coming and going out of your business on a month-by-month basis.

With full visibility of your entire business operations; Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you the tools to better manage your people and data helping your business to grow with the economy.

Manage your cash with Microsoft Dynamics NAV by using tools such as:-

•  A cash-flow calendar; lets you look back or look ahead to see how your funds flow in and out of your business.
• Bank reconciliation tools give you a clear look at your actual cash on hand as well as all your deposits and debits across all your bank accounts.
• Easily keep tabs on tracking account receivables to make sure you’re getting paid as quickly as possible.
• A simple, out-of-the-box report pulls a list of customers whose balances are over a threshold you choose, allowing you to prioritise and evaluate their history to make a decision on how to manage them.
• Extract data from Chart of accounts, budgets, cash flow accounts and cost types to create financial reports to monitor the health of your business and make key decisions.

By working with QSSD and Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can help drive your business forward in 2015. Speak to our consultants today on 01903 241628.