QSSD are helping businesses go from good to great

QSSD’s “2 Step Evaluation” is a new service that is free to businesses that are looking at reviewing their business systems.

The “2 Step Evaluation” is helping our clients to assess their processes and ensure the reduction of non-value add activities (NVA’S). This process can save businesses up to 100 man days of effort; resource that should be focused on the improvement of your processes and delivery of your requirements.

Simply delivering a software package is not good enough and we want to ensure that our customers make full and effective use of their business systems. We have always taken a consultative approach to business and this focus has worked extremely well for our customers. Due to this, our new service is 100% focused on your business and so save money today and talk to QSSD on 01903 241628 or send us an enquiry.

We have a team of business consultants, including MAS recommended consultants, that are here to help.