Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrate with other Microsoft applications?


The software has been developed to tightly integrate with your familiar Microsoft desktop applications including Microsoft Office, Excel and Windows SharePoint Services. This enables staff to communicate and share information easily throughout your organisation without having to switch screens.

Q: How easy is it to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


With a familiar interface that mirrors other Microsoft Office applications employees can gain a sense of familiarity between screens making it easier for them to work with minimal or no training.

Q: How long has Microsoft Dynamics NAV been on the market?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV was formerly known as Navision and was originally launched by a Danish company in 1997. In 2002 Microsoft acquired the software and today it forms part of their Microsoft Dynamics range (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions) and has been re branded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Since the acquisition Microsoft has invested money in developing the software with state of the art technology.

Q: How reliable is the system?


Working on Microsoft SQL Server or its own database, this solution has proved capable of handling large volumes of transactions at impressive speed without the risk of loosing any information. With a unique interpretability feature, you'll never lose data even if, for instance, you have total power loss in the middle of a batch posting.

It also has outstanding SIFT technology which means that all record totals, across all time periods, are automatically updated every time a transaction is entered.

Q: I don’t require all the functionality that the software offers?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is not just modular, but granular which means that you can choose which features of the system you want to activate, and how many user licences you want for each feature.

Q: My business is unique, how can Microsoft Dynamics NAV meet our specific operational requirements?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully customisable system that does what you need it to do. Its ease of use and power of customisation as well as over 400 add-on solutions means that QSSD can build a system that will encapsulate and support your unique business processes.

QSSD have developed numerous customer enhancements to ensure that their system meets their unique requirements i.e. web entry time sheets, windows mobile. For more information about our bespoke developments please contact us on 01903 241628.

Q: We would like to improve communication with our customers and suppliers through e-commerce?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services allows you to build an integrated management system linking together not just all your in-house operations, but your sources of supply and your customers, to get the best out of e-business efficiency and create better, more productive relationships.

Q: What aspects of my business does Microsoft Dynamics NAV support?


Its modern technology integrates every aspect of your business into one complete ERP solution.
Applications include financial, manufacturing, distribution, customer relationship management and e-commerce processes giving you dynamic access to real time data across the board.

Q: What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV target market?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is targeted at small and midsized businesses and can be implemented into all industries due to its customisation capabilities.

Q: What support and training is available once the software has been implemented?


QSSD provide pre and post sales support, training and arrange closely monitored service level agreements to support your application.

Our support service has delivered a long track record of greatly improving support to existing users of other re-sellers.

Q: Will my investment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV be secure?


Yes, Microsoft has a clearly-defined and published roadmap, with support and enhancements guaranteed until at least 2017.