Online Account Management

Manage all your online customer accounts with greater efficiency by directly linking their account data with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

With our online account subscription management solution customers can access their accounts online, amend details, make payments and place orders etc without you having to manually update your records in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. This increases customer satisfaction as they have 24hour access to their accounts and it reduces time spent by employees who would otherwise have to manually update records etc on your finance and CRM systems.

How does this benefit your business?

• Eliminates the need for your staff to manually duplicate customer data into your Inventory and CRM systems i.e. name, address and order.

• Customers can access their account online and place orders, re-grade and amend payment details without you having to adjust their records on your system.

• No need to create service contracts, customer invoicing details and payment details as these are automatically created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

JS Humidifiers chose our online account subscription management solution for their ecommerce website -

“The development was to establish a link between the Air and Water Centre website (AWC) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Previously, all orders placed on AWC had to be checked for credit card legitimacy on AWC, then manually transferred onto Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Details included the customers’ name and address, together with the details of the order they’d placed. This was then processed and the goods dispatched.

The development now enables this data to transfer automatically to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. At the same time, the consistency between the order reference system on AWC and Microsoft Dynamics NAV was also worked on, to ensure traceability of each order. As a result, we’ve been able to maintain a staff of one person to process orders whereas as second might have been required.”

Operations Director, JS Humidifiers