QSSD 2 Step Evaluation

QSSD takes businesses from good to great

Buying an ERP solution is not just about choosing the right software it’s about choosing the right partner too. We believe that just delivering software is not good enough, but delivering the right solution for your business is.

With QSSD you can be assured of a quality service from a team of experienced professionals who have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for over 20 years.

Through our experiences in the market place we have developed a free “2 step evaluation” which ensures that we are delivering viable solutions to our customers. The “2 step evaluation” helps us to understand your business processes and people and it helps to reduce non-value add activities (NVA’S). By evaluating your business first we can then show you exactly how Dynamics NAV can work in your business prior to any contractual agreement.

This service is FREE, there are no hidden costs as we believe that if a project is undertaken for the wrong reasons or the reasons for the project are ill defined, this can be disastrous for both customer and supplier alike.

This process can save businesses up to 100 man days of effort; resource that should be focused on the improvement of your processes and delivery of your requirements.

Once you become a customer you will be designated a consultant who will ensure a smooth implementation from business analysis through to go live. You will then be looked after by our support team and your account manager, both dedicated to ensuring that you receive optimum performance from your Dynamics NAV system.

Call us today on 01903 241628 and book your “2 Step Evaluation” with QSSD.